Supplements Leading the Revolution

“Let Your Food Be Your Medicine and Let Your Medicine Be Your Food,” Hippocrates

If this was the Hippocratic Oath doctors followed, we would all be a lot healthier!  This is the real health revolution.  There are two aspects of it.  First involves what foods you eat or don’t eat.  Second involves foods or food extracts that are put in pills or powders, generally known as nutritional supplements.  We’ll focus on foods elsewhere, and now we’ll introduce that amazing world of supplements.

Supplements may include:  vitamins, minerals, herbs, food extracts, and amino acids, or some combination.  As research and clinical experience in the last thirty years has evolved and matured, there are now many wonderful supplement producers who have created and are marketing products that are successful at helping people heal.

The good news is:  There are many, many wonderful supplements that have scientific backing and clinical experience by doctors (and their patients, of course).  This is also the bad news.  There are so many, that it can be hard to sort out and hard to decide what to take.

So I’ll share with you the ones that I’ve found in my own life and in my medical practice to get good or great results.

Two important things to remember are:  Everyone is totally unique.  Nothing works for everyone.  Still, the protocols and treatments I am suggesting work for most people most of the time!  No doubt there are many other wonderful treatments, too, and I’m happy to hear about great results you’ve had with some natural treatment.